Everyone is under a lot of stress right now, but we need to remember to appreciate the hard work that our teachers are putting into helping us learn under these difficult circumstances. They have had no training and almost no time to prepare for moving their curriculum online, and yet they have still been there consistently for us with their lesson plans and office hours. You may be annoyed at your teachers for giving you a lot of work right now, but remember, they’re only giving you what they think you can handle, and they do it to help you grow as a student. So let’s say a big thank you to all teachers right now! If any teacher has had a positive impact on you so far during this quarantine, reach out and let them know! Give them an update on how you’re doing. They’ll be glad to hear from their students.

*Pictured above is myself, my father (a Dedham Public High School teacher), and our fellow supporters at the Dedham Teacher’s Union Strike in October of 2019. The public recognized then how important teachers are to our communities, and I think we need to remind ourselves of that again now.

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