Are you a girl that’s interested in learning more about national security? Do you want to pursue a career in that field?

GirlSecurity is the perfect organization for you! It aims to close the gender gap in national security by educating young women (14+) about what exactly national security is and providing the chance for them to use their knowledge in simulation exercises developed by women in national security positions. For girls aspiring to have a career in national security, GirlSecurity also pairs girls with a woman national security professional one step ahead of them in their academic and professional advancement as part of a phased mentorship network.

I first got involved with GirlSecurity at the beginning of quarantine back in March. I reached out to the CEO, the Associate Program Director of Partner Programming, and the Associate Director of the Mentoring Network with a brief summary of who I was, what relevant experience I had, and why I was interested in national security, as well as asking what steps I needed to take to join the mentorship program. They got back to me almost immediately, and matched me up with a mentor within two weeks!

My mentor, a 24-year-old Navy Intelligence Analyst, and I hit it off, and I soon realized she had a lot of wisdom to offer me about national security, but also things such as the college process and college applications. Now we are meeting about once a month to continue getting to know each other and to help grow my knowledge base. So far, I am extremely happy with the experience, and look forward to building my relationship with her!

If you’re interested in getting involved with GirlSecurity as well, head over to their website and click on the tab in their menu titled “be mentored.” Click to download the mentee form, read though all expectations, and fill out all pertinent information, including the parental waiver if you are under 18.

Good luck!

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