National Security Opportunity: Apply Now!

If you're familiar with my blog, you know I'm a huge fan of GirlSecurity. An organization that encourages young women to pursue careers in national security through educational workshops and mentor-pairings, GirlSecurity is one of the most wide-spread groups working to increase the gender diversity in the national security field. To learn more about the … Continue reading National Security Opportunity: Apply Now!

Addressing Barriers for Women in National Security

Last week, my senior course selections were due, and one of the classes for which I applied was my school's Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone course. That class allows a select group of students to take on year-long research projects on something about which each student is extremely passionate. Before making the selection, each prospective student has … Continue reading Addressing Barriers for Women in National Security

National Security Mentorship Opportunity!

Are you a girl that's interested in learning more about national security? Do you want to pursue a career in that field? GirlSecurity is the perfect organization for you! It aims to close the gender gap in national security by educating young women (14+) about what exactly national security is and providing the chance for … Continue reading National Security Mentorship Opportunity!